Careers at ShapeCI

Join us to redefine how people build hardware.

About Us

ShapeCI was founded to accelerate the development of the things that matter. We are redefining what it means to develop 3D at all levels by bringing the first CI/CD platform for 3D engineers, designers, and technicians.

We're proud to be backed by Bloomberg Beta and fantastic angels.

Who are We?

We have experiences spanning hardware, software, and design, but a shared mission: building 3D is hard, but it shouldn’t be.
ShapeCI is building great software to make building better products faster and we are looking to put together a talented team to build the future of 3D development.

Photo of Ashank Behara
Ashank Behara
  • San Jose, CA
  • MechanicalProduct
Photo of Matthew Walowski
Matthew Walowski
  • Chicago, IL
  • DataInfrastructure