Redefine your
development workflow.

Seamlessly share and view CAD models with anyone, all in the browser. Use ShapeCI to create, edit, and collaborate on design reviews and documentation with your team.

Bundle your documents and 3D models into one source of truth

Connect a Repository

Pull from PDM, Dropbox, Mercurial, and Git. Don't have version control? Use ours.

Write a Document

Embed 3D models, create cross-section views, document history, and write content

Get a Review

Collaborate with teammates on your updates, synchronously or asynchronously

Supports a variety of use cases for virtual and in-office teams

Keep everybody on
the same page.

Sometimes it's better to show than tell. We brought your models and versioning tools into docs to make building 3D easier.

Review models.
All in your docs.

Save standard views, create cross sections, and hide parts in assemblies all from your document. Bring focus to the issues that matter.

Sync your docs
with your models.

Your documents update automatically as your team creates new model versions.

Works where
you work.

ShapeCI is secure, reliable, and was built to scale out of the box. Even then, each organization has its own needs and ShapeCI offers a high degree of control.

On-Prem Deployment

Own your data by hosting ShapeCI on your own server. Our engineers will help you get started.

Single Sign-On (SAML)

Unify your working identity and onboard new team members with credentials they already use.


Work with your peers in real-time through our browser-based 3D viewer and document engine.


Plug-and-play with tools your team already uses from project management to version control.

Permissions Built-in

Share only what you want to share by controlling who can create, share, view and edit your documents.

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